I've been working in the software industry since 2008 and have always had a natural empathy and curiosity towards improving the user experience.  My early days were spent traveling and meeting with users week after week, learning their workflows inside and out and building custom solutions with our software to improve their efficiency as a consultant.  In 2011 - I shifted my career to the product development side of the business where I began to make significant changes in the product that had a much larger impact on the user experience. In 2012 - I seized the opportunity to dismantle our front end and rebuild it from scratch with fresh ideas that would greatly impact usability.  While navigating the UX design process, I studied at General Assembly to polish my skills and in turn help train fellow product developers on best practices.  Our team also shifted gears from a Kanban waterfall approach to a more Agile development process during this time that greatly improved the result of our efforts.

When I'm not at work, I'm dreaming up big ideas that would make my own life more simple and enjoying the outdoors.  Send me an email to grab coffee and talk UX!

Boulder, Colorado